Monday, October 03, 2005

Cathedral Church of Christ the Saviour 1: construction was started in 1995 and due to be finished in 1999, but it was stopped by the war and never restarted; during the war it was subjected to attacks and they have continued since. Local archaeologists dismissed both the church's construction and its attempted destruction as "just political" and "wrong"; it is now, apparently, protected.

[Updated on the 24th of December 2005]

UNMIK (United Nations Mission In Kosovo), has reaffirmed its mandate to protect cultural heritage and told the Prishtine municipal authorities that they cannot use or change the Cathedral Church of Christ the Saviour without the permission of the Serbian Orthodox Church.

Cultural heritage represents and contributes to the achievement of multicultural society; it is always multicultural history and is therefore particularly important in remembering a past and envisioning a future, multiethnic Kosovo.

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