Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Prishtine buildings 30: during the war, members of both sides committed war crimes, though they were committed by Serb nationalists, predominantly; since, however, these war crimes or terrorist acts have been committed by Albanian nationalists, primarily.

I cannot say whether this destruction was caused by Serb nationalists in 1999 or Albanian nationalists in 2000; it should also be noted that, in at least one case, I was informed by locals that the deterioration of the building was a product of neglect, rather than of violence.


  1. To publish something in internet or somewhere else, you should reseache better. I think you didn`t want to make the research, you showed only one side of the medaljon in your photos.

  2. I did want to do the research. I tried; but I was only in Kosovo for one month.

    I put the photographs, and the information I was given by people in Kosovo, on the internet so that people like you could see them, and could tell me what was right, what was wrong, what happened, what did not happen.

    How is saying that extremists on both sides committed war crimes showing only one side of the story?