Tuesday, October 11, 2005

"Une Nuk Merrem i ne Interesat e Kosoves [I don't attend to the interests of Kosovo]": this interesting alternative for the acronym UNMIK expresses the popular frustration with the state of affairs in Kosovo six years after its liberation; Kosovo still has unemployment rates of more than 60% and poverty rates of more than 50%, its water and electricity supplies are still unreliable and there is an atmosphere of instability and insecurity, although much of this is produced by business and political interests and mafia and terrorist activity, rather than by UNMIK actions.

There is also the tag, "DNr", which, if it does refer to DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) Orders, could still be either a personal or political plea. (DNR orders are directions for those who do not want to be resuscitated if their heart stops, or for the doctors who do not want to resuscitate them, for fear of doing more harm than good.)

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